My GOQii Tracker not getting charged/ stopped working/ touch not responsive etc.

The all new GOQii Version 2 and Heart Rate Tracker comes with an integrated (inbuilt) charger, which has made it completely hassle free to carry an additional external charger.

In order to charge;
1. Remove your GOQii device (core) from the strap by pushing it from rear side
2. Now plug your device directly into any USB port, Laptop or any charging adaptor
3. Once you plug it in, the GOQii logo appears followed by the battery icon. If you are not able to view battery icon on the tracker in that case try charging it in different direction or on 2-3 different USB ports.
4. Charge until the battery icon is full.

If in case your charger is still not getting charged/ touch not responding/ battery draining fast please don't hesitate to call us on our toll free #18003130390, extension 2 ( Mon to Saturday- 10 am to 6 pm) our dedicated support team is there to assist you as always.

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