How do I link my GOQii Band? How do I sync my GOQii Band?

Inorder for the steps to reflect on your GOQii band, you first need to link your GOQii Band to the GOQii App. If this is has already been done in the Set up process then move to Syncing the Band. 

To Link your GOQii Band: 

  1. When you open your app, it will prompt you that you do not have a GOQii Band linked to your account. Would you like to connect it? Select 'Yes' to proceed to the screen
  2. Incase you do not receive this prompt, click on the top right hand '+' Menu option
  3. Click on he words 'GOQii Core Not Linked'
  4. You will be on the 'Devices' screen - Click on Button Link GOQii Band
  5. Select the GOQii option
  6. Make sure your band is properly charged
  7. When it comes to the linking Band screen, click on the 'Search' button and then on the 'Send Bond Request' Button 
  8. When you send bond request the band will light up with an indication to tap to confirm. Tap the screen of the band to confirm (+ sign on the GOQii Core is the most responsive) 

To Sync your GOQii Band:

  1. Make sure all software specifications satisfy such as (OS and Bluetooth version)
  2. Bluetooth is ON
  3. Check for the internet connection
  4. Battery is charged
  5. The Band should be connected/ linked with the GOQii App

Troubleshooting steps (Incase your band is still not syncing):

    1.Close the app. Try switching off and switching on the bluetooth.
    2. Try restarting the phone once.
    3. Unlink and then Link the band
       * Click on the 'band' symbol which is on the top right corner of the screen.
       * Click on the Unlink Your GOQii and then Link Your GOQii. 
    4. You can also try reinstalling the app.


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    i have been trying to link my phone to my watch with no joy, this is bad business that this cannot be done poor business not happy

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