How accurate is the GOQii Tracker with measuring my steps?

  1. The GOQii Tracker uses motion sensors and strong algorithms to give you the most accurate information. However there are some cases that may measure inaccurately like the GOQii Tracker calculating steps when you are moving about your hand without taking a step. Ensure to wear the GOQii Tracker on your non-dominant hand inorder to get the most accurate results. 
  2. Your tracker is a smart device that has been designed not to pick up your steps while travelling by motorbike. It has been tested against driving, buses, trains, and other public transportation and ideally should not give you extra steps when you’re traveling. However, on bumpy roads you may get extra steps but these should not make a big difference in your overall stats. 
  3. While accuracy is important, the GOQii Coach looks at your health and fitness trends to advise you accordingly. Therefore, you should not worry if you get a few extra steps or miss a few steps. What matters is looking at your progress over time so that you can work towards improving your activity overall.
  4. The GOQii Team is constantly working on the GOQii Tracker to make it the most accurate measuring device available in the market.
  5. The GOQii Tracker measures steps, active time, distance, calories burned: The GOQii Core uses precision motion sensors and algorithms to determine the steps taken and active time simultaneously. This information along with your height, gender, age, and weight is used to quantify distance travelled and the amount of calories burned each day.
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