I am having syncing issues with my phone and GOQii band.

If your GOQii band isn't syncing, make sure you verify the compatibility/requirements first before trying the troubleshooting steps. Android Devices/phones which does not match requirement fails to sync with the band.

Please follow these steps:

1. Close the GOQii app and open it again. A sync should occur whenever the app is opened.

2. Turn off Bluetooth, turn it back ON, and then open the GOQii app.

3. If your GOQii Band didn't sync, reboot your mobile device and then open the GOQii app again.

4. If your GOQii Band didn't sync,charge your GOQii Band.

5. If your GOQii Band didn't sync, uninstall and reinstall the GOQii app.


If your Android phone is running on OS 6.0 (Marshmallow), please note that Google has changed the permissions required for Bluetooth syncing. You must turn ON GPS Location services to sync your tracker (Settings > Location)

For more details about google permissions visit:


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    anil nathu dhangar

    How do l link my GOQii Band ? How do l sync my GOQii Band?

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    rahul yadav

    Goqii app not working please help and guidance

    Screen is only white

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    I have sync issue pls advise

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    Inspite of all the above steps issue persist . It sync 1 in 50-60 times. Pls. help.
    If it do not sync it will not of much use to me.

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    Do anyone read these comments or comments section is kept here just to further wast time of ppl facing issues.

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    Unable to sync after trying everything mentioned above

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    Unable to syncronise . It's says request rejected by goqiiHC. Wt to do plz say

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    Priyanka Padhi

    Unable to sync the GoQii device on the Android phone. Tried all the above stunts mentioned. The phone is running on Andriod Ver. 9.0
    The link shared above on google permissions is mainly for technical support staff - irrelevant for general trouble shooting

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    Sanil Sinhasan

    Finally this worked. Switch on and switch off airplane mode and then open app and connect.

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