How to enable my GOQii tracker's Notifications? (New)

Its pretty simply to enable/ disable your GOQii Tracker's notifications.

Simply open the GOQii app and Sync your band (Ensure phone's Bluetooth Internet & GPS is switched on and the tracker is connected with the app) -> Tap on the GOQii Tracker icon (Top left hand corner), it will take you to the tracker setting page -> select Tracker Notifications and toggle to enable/ disable notification. (You may receive Bluetooth pairing request, kindy accept the same.)

If you are an Android User you will have the privilege to modify notifications, you will find 3 options; Call, SMS & App <- modify in app notifications by clicking on Apps.

iOS users: we regret as this option is restricted by Apple as of now. You can only enable/ disable notification by clicking on the tracker icon.

Note: Once the connection is established you may miss the first 2 notifications in your tracker. i.e: after exiting the app/ going out of range/ restarting your phone's bluetooth.

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