What is GOQii Version 2.0?

The Version 1 coaching service is something you have already experienced. Improvement of your health is our concern hence we worked on adding some new features to the GOQii V2 ecosystem.

Each & every feature given below is to enhance your experience with GOQii.


The good news is, you have already been upgraded to the V2 ecosystem at no additional cost! You can continue using your existing tracker and get all the below services!


New GOQii Health Ecosystem:

  1. It has a new APP with a Brand new interface which you can download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  2. Your Coaching with your very own personal GOQii Coach continues. In addition to that now you can also get a Free Consultation with a GOQii Doctor
    1. The GOQii Doctor is a general practitioner and a board certified MBBS/MD who understands lifestyle and medicine. You can consult the GOQii Doctor over a mail or a phone call. These consults would need to be pre-scheduled via your GOQii app.
  3. You can also assess your Health by filling up the Health Risk Assessment
    1. A health risk assessment (HRA) is a health questionnaire used to provide an evaluation of your health risks and quality of life.
    2. You get a benchmark of your current health status.
    3. You get more knowledge to align your health goals for a healthier lifestyle.
  4. A Health Locker to store your personal health records
    1. With GOQii Health Locker, you can now keep track of all their health records in one place that's organized and available to you online through the app.
  5. The new diagnostics feature within the Health Locker will allow you to book blood tests and other basic clinical test with Thyrocare labs via the GOQii app. (You need to pay Thyrocare directly)
    1. You can now get the lab results, prescription history, and visit records etc. directly into your Health Locker and use or share as needed.


Along with all these new service features, we have also launched a new V2 tracker


  • New Version 2.0 GOQii Tracker or Band
  • Sleeker
  • Integrated charger
  • Upto 2 week battery life
  • Call/SMS/Whatsapp notifications
  • Auto sleep
  • New watch strap
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