How to Connect Google Fit in GOQii App

Please follow the steps below to connect GOOGLE FIT App with GOQii to track your data via the phone:

    • Download Google fit app from Play Store and complete the Signup using your gmail id.
    • Open GOQii app
    • Click on SETTINGS on Home screen place - Apps & devices >> Link Apps & Services
    • Select Google fit and LINK (third last option)
    • Give permission to access Google fit 
    • Select the same gmail id registered with google fit
    • The link button is now changed to Unlink as google fit is now successfully connected.

      Note- Please change the Battery optimization status for GOQii App to "Don't Optimize" from Phone settings to avoid loss of steps. Steps to Optimize Battery are provided on GOQii app when you try to connect Google Fit

      Note : If you Uninstall the GOQii app, you need to connect Google fit again.
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