Blood Pressure Parameters showing incorrect

You need to set the Range of your Blood Pressure in the GOQii app by following the below mentioned steps for precise readings:

- Open the GOQii app
- Tap on GOQii Tracker icon at the top right hand side corner
- Tap on Sync (Once you see the green tick mark)
- Then tap on Blood Pressure
- From there you need to select your usual Blood Pressure range

- Here you need to update your last 3 Blood pressure readings which you must have checked via a medical device when visiting your doctor last time.


To check the graph on App: To save these data in your GOQii app please sync your tracker & follow the below steps to check your BP graph: Open GOQii App>Click on + Icon (Home screen bottom of the page)>Select Vital>Select Start Tracking Blood pressure>Here you can check your BP graph tracker by the tracker once syncing is completed.

Please note - GOQii Tracker combines a high-precision optical sensor, a green LED source, a proprietary algorithm for measuring Blood Pressure. Essential signals from the Sensor filtered and processed through an algorithm to Calculate the Systolic and Diastolic Values. Setting the range of Blood Pressure in App will help to Calibrate the Tracker more accurately.

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