GOQii Smart Vital temperature tracking incorrect?

GOQii Smart Vital is very accurate with a maximum difference of only 0.3° to 0.6° F.
To check the accuracy of GOQii Smart Vital one can compare it with a temperature GUN while tracking from the wrist. 
Note - Wrist temperature may be lower than the armpit temperature by 1° to 2° Fahrenheit. Wrist temperature is more subject to external condition such as weather.
Other possible reasons for inaccuracy in temperature measurement are as below:
• Hands are wet.
• Lots of hair on the wrist
• Band is loosely worn and not snug fit against your skin
• Presence of heavy dirt, film, undried lotions, sunblock or cream on your hand
• Tracker not properly placed under armpit
• Sensor is not properly touching the arm.
• Using armpit mode to track from wrist and vice versa.

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