How to Connect GOQii Scale with GOQii App for the first time?

  • Install GOQii App available from Play Store / App Store.
  • Before connecting the GOQii Scale to the App, make sure you have inserted the battery correctly.
  • Open GOQii App- Settings- Select Apps & Devices

  • Select GOQii Balance/Essential ( Scale Image)

  • Now click on Allow- Bluetooth permission and also enable GPS location,

  • Once the scale is found and you get " Setting up your GOQii Scale", Please step lightly on the device, this is to activate the Bluetooth of the Scale

  • Once the screen light is switched on the device, search for the GOQii Scale in GOQii App
    Once you see " GOQii Scale " in your app, pair the device with the App

  • Click on Link- FINISH

  • Update your Date of birth & Height and SAVE.

    Note- Make sure at a time only one phone Bluetooth is On in that room.
    If not able to find scale while linking make sure GPS is On and try to remove the battery and insert it again. Scale can be connected maximum with 10 devices/one at time.

    Also make sure you have basic information such as gender, date of birth, height are correct at the time of sign Up as this information impacts the accuracy of the health and fitness data.
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